Do You Have Mind Control?

Welcome to Flex Fitness Montana! Flex Fitness is a Private Training Center for all fitness levels so naturally I wanted to start off my blog with an exercise! That’s right, 20 pushups! No I’m kidding not that kind of exercise but one I think is the most important of all. Exercising your mind!! For all of us trying to live a fit and healthy life, it is a challenge we face every day. Either we haven’t started yet or the maintaining is the challenge. Our mind is a tricky little sucker and when it comes to living fit, it can be our own worst enemy.
One of my favorite books I refer to often is Joyce Meyer’s “Battlefield of the Mind.” Many of you might not agree with my beliefs but there is no question that we can all start to gain control over our mind and find some freedom and peace. We need to be patient with ourselves when we make mistakes and give grace to others when they make their’s.
How are you exercising your mind? Are you exercising your mind with, “I can’t do that, It looks too hard, I’m not skinny enough, I’m afraid, I’ll start tomorrow, I’m tired, or I don’t have time?” Or how about the other junk we feed our mind, “Did you see what she was wearing?  What kind of mother is she?  I can’t believe her! That bleep bleep bleep cut me off! Oh my goodness Becky, look at her butt, It is sooo big! She looks like one of those rap guys girlfriends!” I could go on and on with the junk we exercise our minds with daily. For me personally I beat myself up with nasty things and I am guilty of talking junk about other people from time to time. If I’m having a hard time breaking through something in my life it usually takes me taking control over what or how I’m thinking and then I exercise it in a positive way. Don’t beat yourself up or others anymore and get started moving today. Remember, your actions won’t change until your mind does.
Pamela Sampson

5 thoughts on “Do You Have Mind Control?


    Awesome Blog chica! Our minds are only as strong as we mentally prepare them! We must live to exercise it daily with Good Friends, Inspiring Books, and an attitude of How can I be a World Changer!! I also love Battle Field of the Mind, Mind Monsters which our pastor wrote 🙂 I’ll have what she’s Having by Bobbie Houston along with soo many others! Not only must we tackle our mind and thoughts we must daily put on our entire armor so we can go out into battle! Helmet, shoes, breast plate, sword EPH 6 🙂 WE MUST BE FIT FOR BATTLE!!!!

    • Flex Fitness Montana says:

      Thanks everyone! Pictures are coming soon. Thank you for all your help and please come visit me anytime Jen

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