How Do You Recharge Your Battery?

Who is your Power Source?
How do u recharge your battery?
Do u own a cell phone ? Most of us do, so we know how crazy our lives would be if our phone was dead or the battery could not be charged.
 If you’re like me at night the first thing I do before hopping into bed is plug that amazing, life saving device into the wall,
so I’m able to connect with the world for more than a chincey  5 minutes during the day because it has a charged battery!
 Just like that battery we as humans need a source we can plug into so that we
give our bodies a “recharge” !
 Day in and day out we experience life’s tolls such as kids, relationships, daily fears ,work, depressive or negative thoughts or patterns.
The longer we allow to be sucked into the drama of this negativity the more it sucks “our” batteries completely dead!
When we can release those negative thoughts or patterns we so easily allow ourselves to fall into, we then allow a “Recharge” to our spirit!
 So who or what are u charging yourself into? maybe u have friends or family that are constantly pouring negativity into your world by
their continued life style or maybe its a relationship that is just extremely exhausting or just the plain ol day
 to day: work, cooking,cleaning, kids, family ??
We all need a source we can go to and plug ourself in and renew our minds/ bodies .
Romans 12 talks about renewing your mind daily so it doesn’t conform to all the negative things around you!
 Ask yourself a few questions?
Is the person u have plugged yourself into motivating and uplifting you?
Do they push you to achieve your dreams or goals?  
Or are you sucked dry and your dreams and goals get put on the back burner?
 At the end of  your day is your battery left with no charge & absolutely powerless due to releasing all your energy on
everybody and everything around You?
 This is why the most important thing in life is to surround yourself with like minded people!
People with purpose, passion& Faith! god created us to do all things in excellence, but when we allow our batteries to burn on low or
go completely dead we are unable to fulfill our dreams & goals to the fullest possible potential.
 Just like the  cell phone that needs to be charged daily  (so we can accomplish even more things/errands etc ) haha we need
 to make sure we are plugging ourselves into a source that is going to recharge us spiritually, mentally and physically .
God’s word tells us to “be ready in season and out of season” (2 Timothy 4:2) if our
spiritual batteries are not kept charged we will not be ready when an opportunity  comes our way.
When needed most we don’t want to be out of power.
We have all experienced the phone
that is in dier need of an upgrade because everything is slow to load etc.. Maybe that’s what u need now
an upgrade in diet, exercise, daily devotions, motivation, daily habits, prepping and not procrastinating, positive
uplifting friends
honestly the list could go on and on.  Take some time To reflect on who or what Your charging Your  life battery into so your light
can be bright and completely Charged!! Nehemiah 9:6 ( You Give life to everything )

A few tips to recharge your battery:
1. Make sure your getting enough sleep.
2. Eat clean & workout
3. Create an accountability partner!
4. Sit down & inventory your life- weed out the negative Its ok to say No sometimes
5. Strengthen your Faith

Love in Faith & Fitness,

Are You Using Your Talents To Inspire Others?

Hey all you Fit People! My name is Melanie Medlock I am 31 years old (I tell my daughter I’m 25 Forever when she asks) Pamela Sampson asked if I would write you something about Faith/Fitness & Food, not that I am any kind of expert nor do I claim to be at all. I just have a passion for these things. I believe God gives each of us certain talents and tools to shine His Light to reach the World around us. Mine I feel is in the area of Motivating & Encouraging through Fitness & Health.  So, I won’t give you my story/tips/views just quite yet. I want to share a “God designed Meeting that happened so you can understand a little more about this Blog!

Ok, back in November 2011 I competed in my 3rd Figure Competition  of the year put on by Fitstop24 (The gym I train out of and teach classes). The week before the competition I became very ill, and was going to pull myself out of the competition. I was able to somewhat get myself back on track and decided to just continue on finishing out the year! That night after all the final preps for the show, I was laying in the Hotel room with My Fit buddy Debbie Hilliker, and we were discussing all the foods that sounded so amazing, we literally went through appetizers and worked our way to dessert!

Around 12am I received a call from my hubby who was currently at work with Seattle PD. He called and said he was injured and was getting sent home (a few months prior he was released from work due to a head concussion possible brain injury), so I dropped to my knees in prayer, “asking God what I should do.” I sat there almost in a fog not knowing what to do. Yes my first instinct was to pack my bags and rush home, but my hubby called and said he was able to drive home and would call me when he got there, but said for me to stay and not come home. He wanted me to finish out my hard work! Well HELLO As woman and our “Control Freak Ways” I was like NO WAY.. I am coming home. He convinced me to stay and promised me he was fine and would see me in the morning at pre-judging.

 All night I tossed and turned and was praying and asking God to show me some sort of sign if He wanted this to be my last competition. (which honestly in my mind I was done) The morning came very fast and I felt like I had never rested. Not a good feeling!

 The time came and I was up getting ready and heading to the performing arts center. I Get there, saw my hubby and then was mentally preparing my mind/body. After an hour or so it was My classes turn to get up and show those judges all the hard work we had been busting our butts for, they line us up and walk us up the stairs. I am trying to not let my nerves get the best of me at this time. What do I do? Yep..chit chat with my fellow competitors.  Not sure if you have done a show or not, but lets just say it can be very CADDY but if you know me I don’t care. We head out on stage and the battle begins!….. Here I am called out and standing middle ground(to figure competitors being in the middle of stage is a GOOD thing) we were put back to our stances and then were called out again and Pam and I became center I remember feeling like I had no room and I think kinda pushed her a little(I’m not that kind of person so in my mind I felt bad) but it was so squishy you had to… all I remember was First thanking God in my mind that I was up on stage still not feeling the best, and repeating Phil 4:13 – I can do all things thru Christ who gives me strength) over and over in my head. It felt like we were up on stage Forever!

 We headed off stage and stood off to the side. Pam came up to me and our conversation went like this:

Pam: Ok you look very familiar now “Are you in the Military?”

Me- No  

Pam: Were you?

Me: NO. 

Hmm she says- Well ok did you ever live in North Dakota?

Me: freaking out a bit in my mind and got really big goose bumps. Ok this is very weird I never lied to you about not being in the Military but my husband was in the Airforce and We were stationed in North Dakota.

Pam: Ok I knew it, you were always in the gym at 5 in the morning right?

Me: Yes still freaked out a bit!

Pam: Yes I remember seeing you in the gym and thinking I want to have that physique.

Me: REALLY??? How come you never came and talked to me?

Pam: I don’t know –Did you also work in a clothing store in the mall?

Me- Yes

Pam: I remember coming in the store and you were the nicest girl ever!

Me: thank you and right now feeling like a divine connection with God. What got you into wanting to compete in Figure?

Pam: well kinda just loved it always and watching you!

WOW is what I was thinking! This was not a huge competition that people really travel from other states to compete at so,  if that’s not GOD I Don’t know what to tell you. I honestly couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I walked away from that moment thinking  God had brought this connection! A girl who God had brought into my life almost 10 years ago! This is why its so important the way you live your life because people are watching you even when you have no idea they are.


God knows what he was doing… I was thinking of quitting and not competing anymore, but God brought Pam into my life, or should I say (Back into my life) just at the moment that the enemy was trying to get me to cave in and QUIT, instead Pam was their to encourage me, Which she probably had no idea that she was, But because we both were in the Path that God wanted us to be in At that time ‘His time” we have been in contact ever since, and now she has asked ME to guest blog for her page! Can you imagine if I would have kept to myself, been quite and not shined my light, gave up or just quit? The connection that God had would not have happened!

We all have talents and abilities that God has bestowed upon us. Are you using those talents to Inspire/Encourage and motivate others?

I thank God for bringing Pam into my life and creating a friendship and passion to reach out to others in our sport of Figure!

Talk to ya’ll Next Month,

Melanie Medlock or find me on facebook !!!