The Does & Does Nots

It’s impossible to have a relationship with Food. We often turn to food for comfort, stress relief, or as a reward, but emotional eating usually makes us feel worse. We will never appreciate food for why it was created until we really understand what it does and does not do.

Food does not have FEELINGS. It cannot fill our emotional needs when we are upset, angry, lonely, stressed, exhausted, or bored. It has no feelings.

Food does not SPEAK to us or comfort us on those bad days when no one understands us or how we feel. Food cannot tell us how wonderful we are and what our purpose on this earth is.

Food does not LEAD us to feel worthy, good enough, happy, sexy or desirable. Food does not determine how we feel.

Food does nourish and fuel our bodies. Let’s start classifying our food based on its ability to provide energy and nutrition the body needs to function optimally. Keep it simple, be honest with yourself, and stay committed. Phil 4:13

Food Smiling

Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes

Early start to my baking but so worth it for my weekend prep. Don’t fall off the wagon just because its the weekend. Here is my healthy version of Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes.
2 large sweet potatoes, 2oz plain nonfat Greek yogurt, 2 tbsp almond milk, 1 tbsp powdered stevia, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1 1/2-2tbsp sugar free maple syrup, 30 grams chopped raw almonds. Cut potatoes in half, bake for 20 min @425. Scoop out center of potatoes and mixed with all ingredients but almonds. Spoon mixture into potato shells and then top with chopped almond. Bake for an additional 9 min until almonds are toasty. Enjoy!!
sweet potato

Crustless & Loaded Quiche Minis

My yummy Crustless & Loaded Quiche Minis. They are great for my weekly food prep as they are a Quick’n’Easy On-The-Go breakfast. Makes 9 servings with only 65 calories per serving/mini. 7g Protein, 1.5g Carbs, 3g Fat.
Set oven @325. Beat 2 eggs, 8 eggwhites, and 1/3 plain no fat greek yogurt until blended. Set aside. Chop 4 slices bacon, 2oz ham, 1 roma tomato, 3 green onions. Mix together. Scoop 1/4 egg mixture into lined muffin pan to equal 9 minis. Fill each cup with bacon mixture and top each mini with shredded cheddar/jack cheese. 1/3cup of cheese total for all 9minis. Bake for 30 min then broil for an extra couple minutes. Top w/ some salsa along with some fruit or oatmeal. Badabing badaboom