Commitment + Responsibility + Education = Freedom.

I take responsibility over my nutrients I eat daily. I do not obsess over food choices, calories, macros, re-feeds etc. I go by how I am feeling but in a responsible way. If you have ever been a client of mine or even a friend, I ask that question a lot. I ask that question because I want to educate you with what your putting into your body and how you are feeling. To be present. My personal balance and freedom I have found with food was by educating myself. Education with nutrients that work for me in my every day life. I ask a ton of questions, I read and research ALOT, acquired nutrition certifications, and continued education workshops but I have been most successful by simple trial and error. I try it and if I feel good with the fuel I consumed and it helped me achieve my daily needs and goals, then I know it’s a go. If not, then I move on and see what else does.

Keeping simple rules like staying hydrated with water, macronutrient pairing to help me feel satisfied producing lasting energy and with carb timing. Our body uses carbohydrates as a number one energy source so carb timing helps me use that source the best possible way. There’s no good food or bad food, Eat this not that. There is no such thing. There is POWER in education and once you “get there” by training yourself, the FEAR of food goes away. I go out to eat, eat at family/ friend functions, travel etc. and still make great choices with those simple rules that help me stay on my forever goal path. If you are not there yet, then pack your own food to a function or eat before you go until you are. Just don’t give up.  If you need to hire someone to help you achieve this goal, then ask a load of questions and do so until you feel comfortable on your own. A coach and trainer should help you become independent not dependent.

I don’t want to come off as self- righteous or make this sound like it’s super easy to do. Easier said then done. It has taken time, commitment, and a conscious effort to get where I am today but it’s so worth it. My prayer for each one of you is your Commitment to Seek, Freedom of Choice, and Balance to Live. My goal is to educate as many of you on how to do that successfully.

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