Do You Flow??

Does your workout regimen create flow within your body or is it inhibiting flow? Or is your workout regimen set up for flow and you’re using your triggers incorrectly which inhibits flow? What I mean when I say flow is energy. Without sounding like a new age dippity do da, Eastern tradition says there is an energy that flows throughout the body, invigorating every cell with a universal life force call chi. Personally being mindful as I run, lift, or simply activities like putting away laundry, I recognize there is an energy that needs constant flow. We need chi/ energy to flow in a well designed and executed workout and in our day to day in order to reach our goals optimally.

Like rain man, I would constantly remind my clients at my training studio ‘Core Tight Chest Up’ to safely execute a lift. EVERY movement should come from our core, belly button to spine, with our chest lifted to remind our hard workin self to breathe!! Just like a vehicle with its axel, movement starts from the center in order to function properly. This goes with everything we do in our day and not just inside a gym. Using our ‘axel’ as our primary trigger will fire our muscles creating strength, and increasing blood flow. This will help achieve twice the benefits and minimize time doing isolated ab exercises (Yawn) but more importantly, less chance of injury that could take us out of the game!

I am forever grateful I took shop in Highschool so I wouldn’t be the dumb blonde on the side of the road helpless and in distress. Even though that was a long time ago, I still think about everything I was taught in shop class which I feel helps me be a better athlete and coach today. So to continue on with my repeated rain man personality….Build a body to work as a functional unit. Build a body to work as a functional unit. Build a body to work as a functional unit.

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