Lost Motivation

Lost motivation in your fitness goals? I recommend re-evaluating your Why. Why do you want to reach a certain fitness goal for example? Knowing your ‘Why’ can accelerate your success reaching that goal.

When I first started competing in figure, my why was simply because I just wanted to try it. (Also because I got my adult braces off and actually felt pretty enough to smile Lol) I didn’t know what the heck I was doing but I jumped in, finished, and had a blast! My why changed after that first show and has changed with each show since. I think it’s safe to call myself a veteran in my sport and with that comes wisdom. Wisdom from my experiences the past 4 1/2 years, and wisdom by looking ahead.
My current why for my sport is not to just do it or try to win a trophy/procard (Been there, done that. Its exhausting chasing those things and sucks the fun out of life) My current why is to live everyday knowing my self worth. My self worth isn’t about measuring myself based on external actions. Its more about valuing my inherent worth as a person. Wash. Rinse.Repeat



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