Balance Hunting

Ahhhh, the ever challenging Goal of Finding Balance. Challenging but honorable to seek out. If you are like me, finding balance is hard to achieve and maintain. I get inspired and excited to do new work and personal projects and then try to accomplish them all at once. I take on new responsibilities while trying to keep myself and my family heathy, happy and find the time to enjoy friends. All this and then somewhere in that time I get some sleep and possibly a shower. Oofta!

Over the years I have learned two things when it comes to keeping Balance in my life.
#1 I learned to say NO and with an occasional Hell No when it was fitting. I learned to be assertive even if I piss off a few
#2 Prioritizing helps me find the balance point. I make a list (I am Queen of Lists) of all my commitments and prioritize them to see what I can do and let go of what I cant.
Find what works for YOU. Happy Hunting!!!

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