Expect It

There is so much freedom when we focus on and take responsibility for the process toward our goal than just the potential results.

Yes results are nice and rewarding and its easier said than done. But too often I find many miserable and almost debilitated in their progress when that’s THE primary focus. Not to mention how exhausted they are.

Expect to have high and low levels of performance.
Expect to not be 100% ON all the time with your food intake.
Expect to not get ALL your workouts in.
Expect it but don’t allow it to OWN you

If you are honest with yourself and are truly trying to live a healthier happier life, Expect that it WILL NOT BE PERFECT. Not even close.
Stick with your program when you can and not just when you want to or are inspired to. Weekly updates for yourself and coach will help FEED weekly consistency that will lead to your progress. Updating even if you have had an off week with little to no progress or your life is just out of control. Daily and Weekly Updates help to slow us down, teach us to be mindful & and in the moment. Those habits once formed will not only lead you towards your goal, but you will be happier and healthier in the process.

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