Who am I? I am Hungry.

I was talking to a friend on the phone recently about life which brought many different avenues of thought and personal memories. One memory that came to mind was a question that was asked to me a long time ago that I would like to share with you.
I was coordinating some ministry work with my church providing meals for events like Special Olympics, food bank donations, and just loving on people with a home cooked meal in a time of need. In one event I was cooking meals for was a popular band that came to our town. After providing the meal and meeting the band members, one of them asked me a simple yet profound question I had never really been asked before. He asked me, Who are you Pam? This question stopped me in my tracks. I stumbled and stuttered over words trying to answer but I came up short leaving an awkward silence. I was with a friend as I was asked this question. She saw my struggle and jumped in and gushed about me and my accomplishments. I was relieved as her jumping in took the heat off of me but this question/conversation has haunted ever since.
I was explaining this memory to my friend and how I responded with awkwardness. I described how much it bothered me because I couldn’t answer the question. After a while into our conversation my friend then asked, Well Pam, Who are you? I immediately got nervous. As I sat there evaluating the question a shift happened. I took a breath and responded confidently saying, I am someone who is hungry for life and everything that it can bring. I hunger for challenges, experiences, and the drive to push past what society and traditions train me to live like. I hunger to break strongholds in my life and in others with love, humility and no apologies.
I realized I was trying so hard to come up with the ‘right’ response years ago, that it stunted my true self. Physically I may show no growth (currently still rockin my 5ft size) but my spirit grown immeasurably. Who am I you ask? I am hungry.

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