My name is Geneva Wild. I began training at Flex Fitness (Pam’s Studio) in the spring of 2012 with the goal of simply getting back to my old self and getting fit. So happy to report I got back on track and Pam’s training worked for me! I formally began utilizing Pam’s personal training sessions and nutritional services in late September, early October of 2012 (a birthday present to myself), when I wanted to go to the next level! When I began working out and training at Flex Fitness Montana I was pushing my heaviest, roughly 156 lbs. on my 5 ‘2 frame. I remember on both Easter and Mother’s Day feeling unattractive, like I had let my self go (something I vowed I would never do to myself), and depressed. Success…a little over a year later I have dropped 20 pounds on the scale, have reduced my body fat to an athletic range and have gained a significant amount of lean muscle mass! One of my biggest goals was to wear a bikini on our family vacation to Maui, Hawaii in April 2013 with confidence…I did it!! The journey is not over and I can’t wait to go the next level with Pam’s assistance!!
I would highly recommend Pam if you are seeking a consistent, quality trainer, accountability partner and expert in the fitness world, whatever your goals, where ever your location! She is flexible and technology savvy. Oh and by the way, you will have FUN during your journey after you get in sync with her program and training style. She’s the real deal and it’s worth committing!! Thank you for letting me share some of my on going journey and to give back to an incredible trainer!! ~Geneva- Group Training, Fitness Nutrition & Personal Training Client
I LOVE Flex Fitness. I have tried to make exercise a habit for most of my life. And I have to say Pam’s approach to fitness is great for anyone trying to make fitness a habit in thier own life. Pam takes the time to explain the benefits of what we are doing, how to execute each exercise properly offering alternatives for anyone with a limitation. She always makes class fun and motivates you with energy that bubbles up into inspiration. The overall approach to Strength Training, Stretching (Power Yoga) Inner Core Strengthening with quick short bursts of aerobic gives me the full body workout. You never get bored in Pam’s classes, with her quirky sense of humor and fun new daily challenges keep me wanting to come back Every Day! ~Susan Sampson- Group Training Client 

I am so glad I decided to work with Pamela!  She was fantastic! Initially, she spent a lot of time getting to know my eating habits, exercise habits, my family structure, and my work schedule.  She discussed my health and fitness goals with me and helped me to establish firmer goals.After the initial assessment, Pamela created a multi phase fitness regimen and established nutrition guidelines for me to follow.  I was very out of shape, and the program she set up for me was quite difficult to follow.  However, she was with me every step, and so encouraging!  She was always willing to answer any questions I had, as well as tailor the workouts to fit my needs and abilities.Pamela is a fantastic trainer, an uplifting spirit, and a great person.  It was wonderful to work with someone who is a Christian who is more focused on health and using your body to its fullest abilities than she is on outer beauty.  ~Shannon Koeninger~Online Training & Fitness Nutrition